Election Results for the AECG Committee (2018-2020)

Dear AECG members,

Voting for the management committee members of the Association of the Chinese School of Geneva is over. We received 80 votes and here is the result :

According to AECG regulations, Ms. CHEN Fang, Ms. ZHANG Ying, Mr. HU Daoran, Ms. XIA Chaohong, Ms. LU Hui will be the members of the Management Committee for the period 2018-2020.

We sincerely congratulate them and we hope that the Chinese school will continue its harmonious development in the future.

  1. 陈芳 (教师)CHEN Fang (Mrs.) : teacher.  – Nbr of votes 50
  2. 张颖 (现任管委,家长)ZHANG Ying (Mrs.): member of the current management committee, parent of student  – Nbr of votes 56
  3. 胡道然(现任管委,家长)HU Daoran (Mr.) : member of the current management committee, parent of student. – Nbr of votes 58
  4. 夏朝红 (家长)XIA Chaohong  (Mrs.) : parent of student – Nbr of votes 53
  5. 鲁慧 (教师)LU Hui (Mrs.) : teacher.  – Nbr of votes 66
  6. 虞菁 (家长)YU Jing (Mrs.) : parent of student.  – Nbr of votes 38

Association de l’Ecole Chinoise de Genève